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Fabric printing is one of the oldest styles that remains influential in modern life. It can be done on clothing, apparel, and fabricsBurleson Fabric Printing Easy Bag Customization 300x200 used for various applications. Printing on fabrics nowadays is quicker thanks to new printing technologies and methods. New types of fabric are also invented and made available to a wider audience to match specific preferences and purpose.

Whether you own a business or need fabrics printed for personal events, you can trust Signs & Branding to deliver reliable Burleson fabric printing services excellently. Our company offers a comprehensive printing service which is all done in-house, from the design of the prints, sourcing of the fabrics, and printing process to installation. We can work with any kind of fabric and offer our services at affordable rates. Our team is ready to assist if you need advice or additional support for your prints.

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Types of Fabric Printing

Before you do any fabric printing process, you must know what printing methods are available. Not every fabric is the same, andBurleson Fabric Printing txprining 300x300 you might need to use a specific printing method to get your design printed on the fabric.

Here are the four popular types of printing methods for fabric:

  • Block – Block printing involves using a block with an engraving of the design that will be printed on the fabric. The printing process is repeated several times as the block can only print one color at a time.
  • Roller – This is the recommended printing method for long-sheet fabric that need to be printed with the same design. The fabric is tensioned with a back gray, which will hold the fabric as it moves through the printing machine. The design is engraved in the rollers, one for each color, and it would then be pressed against the fabric.
  • Screen – This printing method can be done by hand or using a specialized printing machine. The cloth will be placed on a printing table and held in place. The design will then be applied through a screen made from nylon gauze or silk with one color. The screen is placed over the fabric before a print paste is poured on the screen, then spread with a squeegee to transfer the colors to the fabric. The process is repeated for each color.
  • Heat transfer – This method uses a paper pattern with specific ink, which will transfer to the fabric after passing through a hot panel.

Don’t know which one is perfect for your fabric printing projects? You can speak to one of our printing experts. They will consider your project details before recommending the best printing method for your chosen fabric.

Household Fabric Printing

Are you in the food industry and serving customers? Or do you want a unique souvenir or merchandise for your customers to useBurleson Fabric Printing screen printing apparel printing cn at home?

At Signs & Branding, we print fabric on household items such as towels, shower curtains, pillowcases, bedspreads, aprons, table covers, tea towels, and other similar materials. For these prints, we can guide you through the available specifications for these fabrics and what designs we can put on them. Some of the fabrics we can use for kitchen fabrics include polyester, cotton, and vinyl. We have industry-grade printers capable of printing and delivering these pieces on time.


Do you want your event and campaign to be the talk of the town as people take photos of your offerings, services, or event? Or do you have personal events that require unique backgrounds for that perfect photo ops? Why not get custom backdrops that will appear perfectly in your photos?

Our company can create custom backdrop banners for any event, from weddings, conferences, and promotional campaigns to shows. We can use any design for these backdrops, whether it may be a background image or your business logo. When it comes to the material we can use, we often use vinyl for backdrop banners. It can be in various sizes to accommodate the people in the frame. Our team can even help you with its installation once we complete the printing process so people can immediately find the backdrops for their photos.

Flags and Banners

For businesses to catch the attention of their target market, they must have displays that are not only visible from a distance butBurleson Fabric Printing banner designs 300x188 also designed accordingly to represent the business. They must also be durable, and the design should not fade easily, even if constantly exposed to the elements. Out of all the available displays you can rely on, flags and banners are eye-catching for outdoor displays.

Both flags and banners can be used either for indoor or outdoor applications and are available in various formats. At Signs & Branding, we can go to your location to determine how these banners or flags should be designed and where they should be installed to boost your impressions. We will then present you with a draft design and recommend the best type of fabric we can print on and the type of fabric printing method that will help your design pop. We can also do custom flags and banners if you want to make a unique setting for your business.

Full-Service Printing Company

Our Burleson, TX printing company offers a stress-free and comprehensive printing service that is highly rated by our clients for being true to our word whenever they ring us up for their requests. We make it a point to personalize our services to match our client’s complex or simple requirements. Our service is also very affordable because we understand how important these prints are for businesses. Each has to work on a set budget for their request.

For your Burleson fabric printing request, we will sit down with you to work on your design. We can do a brand new design or update your available design and match it to the right type of fabric. Once we have the fabric and design for the print, we will use our special fabric printers to get your designs printed on the fabric you selected. We can work with any fabric and even do bulk prints if needed.

Are you unsure what to request or have other questions about our services? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and we will do our best to answer your questions.

Free Consultation Today

Burleson Fabric Printing signsbranding landscape logo 1 300x111If you need high-quality prints for any fabric for your events and souvenirs, you won’t go wrong with Signs & Branding, as our team will ensure you get your request whenever you need it.

Our team will work with you to personalize our Burleson fabric printing service to match your design and print requirements, budget, and schedule then we will take care of everything in-house. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the final product, and you can trust us to deliver them when you need them.

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