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Grand Prairie Glass Printing

Do you want a unique medium for your printing projects? Glass has recently become popular for various applications. You cancustom indoor acrylic signs find glass-printed pieces around homes and businesses for decorations or merchandise, but some still hesitate to try glass printing, considering glass requires careful handling.

If you want to try glass printing for your personal or business use, check out our Grand Prairie glass printing service at Signs & Branding. We offer a comprehensive glass printing service, covering design, printing, and maintenance. Everything is done in-house to keep our prices affordable. We can also provide you with the best recommendations for your request, and source glass pieces to print on. Tell us what you need, and we’ll make the entire process stress-free for you.

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Benefits of Glass Printing

Glass was not used much in the past for printing needs because it can be a fragile material that needs to be handled with care.frosted pricacy film Printing technologies back in the early days were incapable of doing it efficiently. However, when new developments in printing were introduced, it became easier to print all types of designs on mirrors, windows, and other glass panels.

If you want to consider it for your printing needs, here are the benefits of glass printing:

  • Flat

Glass printing is usually done on flat panels, which is ideal if you want to reduce the risk of having warped or crowned designs. It also gives the design more depth, allowing it to stand out further than other prints.

  • Durable

Glass printing provides additional protection to the glass panels printed on. No matter which type of glass printing method you select, it will provide an extra layer of protection against external elements as the design is printed in good quality.

  • Reduces heat

Without prints, sunlight can penetrate through a glass material. The longer sunlight streams through a space, the warmer theFrosted Privacy Film space gets. Glass prints can act as insulators of heat in an area. The ink used for glass printing is carefully formulated to resist fading when exposed to the elements, so you do not need to worry about the design fading if exposed to sunlight constantly.

  • Aesthetic

No one wants to have a plain design in their space. With glass printing, you can improve your space’s look and feel by adding texture and designs to your glass panels.

  • Accessibility

Glass printing can also help improve the accessibility of your space because you will be able to print thinner displays which can serve as wayfinding or informational displays. You can put them on your walls. If the print is done right, it will be immediately spotted by your intended audience and provide them with the information they need.

  • Affordable

Finally, glass printing is now very affordable as it grows more popular. As a result, you don’t have to worry about going over your budget when you avail of glass printing services.

Are you ready to request our glass printing services? Don’t hesitate to contact our hotline; we’ll get you started.

Glass Printing Options

Depending on your intended application, there are many glass printing options you can choose from to get your glass pieces printed. These options are divided into two: screen printing and digital printing. Grand Prairie Glass Printing window 300x103

  • Screen Printing

Screen printing is the traditional way to print on glass. It is the option for glass prints used for commercial, architectural, and industrial applications. The printing process begins with a stencil and a mesh screen which will sort out the design. Ink will then be spread across the mesh screen with a squeegee, while the stencil will block key parts of the glass from being inked and serve as the outline of the design. The ink will then be “fired” so it sticks to the glass.

Screen printing can be used for glass panels for indoor or outdoor applications. However, it can take some time to set up and print on because screen printing can only do four colors at max. It can also be very expensive to fix these pieces.

  • Digital Printing

Digital printing offers a faster way to get glass pieces printed and where they can be used. It is divided into two printing methods:

  • UV-Curable Printing

UV printing involves using organic inks and UV light to dry the ink on the surface. It is quick and affordable for glass printing, and there are no limits to the number of colors used. However, we do not recommend this printing method because the inks are less durable or scratch-resistant than those used for screen printing or digital ceramic printing.

  • Digital Ceramic Printing

Digital ceramic printing uses ink with ceramic frit or nano-particles of glass with colored pigment. The ink is fused into the surface after printing, ensuring a smooth finish and ink that won’t get scratched or fade easily.

Don’t know which options work for your needs? Don’t hesitate to let us know; we will guide you through these options. Our Fort Worth glass printing service will also be personalized to match your requirements so that you are getting what you expected from the beginning and more when we are done!

Full-Service Printing Company

Whether you request our Grand Prairie glass or other printing services, you will not go wrong with Signs & Branding to handle it for you.Grand Prairie Glass Printing window graphics 300x176 Our company has been dedicated to providing our clients with a stress-free experience regarding their printing needs, no matter where you plan to use them or what type of material you want us to print on. We never compromise on the quality of our work, and you can trust us to help you maximize its use and maintain its lifespan.

For your glass printing request, you will be assigned to one of our glass printing experts, who will guide you through the options and show you samples so you can select the best choice for your request. We will then explain the types of glass printing options, their pros and cons, and which one we believe is perfect for your request. You can also trust us to handle the graphic design for your prints and source the best glass panels for your request.

Our team is always here to provide the right support for your request whenever you need it. When we finish your request, we can deliver it to your location or your intended recipients. If these are large glass panels, we can help you with the installation and maintenance.

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Grand Prairie Glass Printing signsbranding landscape logo 1 300x111There is a lot of potential in using glass printing for many applications, whether related to business or personal use. But, if you want these printed glasses to last a long time and become an effective tool for whatever purpose you may have, you need to get them done by an experienced printing company.

Let our Grand Prairie, TX printing company show you how glass printing is done and how it will benefit your intended application. We will deliver your request with your exact requirements. We are also ready for the challenge if you want to go all out with your request.

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